Front Loading Food Carriers

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Load and unload hot or cold pans safely with a front loading food carrier.

The ability to safely and securely transport food is essential for a majority of foodservice businesses, so Burkett is here to help with front loading food carriers. We offer a wide selection of front loading pan carriers to make your kitchen staff's lives simpler and safer. These pan carriers are designed with robust walls and great insulation to keep food temperatures stable and reduce heat loss. Insulated food pan carriers will keep your foods at ideal serving temperatures for long periods of time.


The front-loading design of these food pan carrier carts makes loading pans easy. Grooves on the interiors sides help guide kitchen pans into the carrier, ensuring that foods don't spill out and pans don't collapse down on another. This design is great for standard 12" x 20" x 2.5" hotel pans and 13" x 18" half sized sheet pans.

Food Carrier Dolly

Adding a food carrier dolly further adds value to these units. You can stack multiple front loading carriers atop each other on a wheeled dolly, allowing staff to move more food at once. Each dolly comes equipped with four movable casters, including two with locking abilities. With multiple colors available, you can match your carriers with dollies for a uniform look.

When moving multiple different food products, check out Cambro's ThermoBarrier shelf dividers. These units fit snuggly within Cambro food carriers and provide an air divide between pans. They help keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Freeze your divider before moving ice cream and desserts to further ensure they stay frozen. Place a divider between chicken and beef to ensure no contamination.

Whether you need a heated or unheated food carrier, at Burkett we have a good selection of both. Each heated food pan carrier has a front-loading design, and some models are Energy Star Qualified for their energy efficiency. Many are even NSF Listed for simple cleaning and sanitization. With a variety of colors to pick from, you're sure to find a heated food pan carrier that matches your business' aesthetic.

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Be sure to find the right sized cookware and food pans to ensure a perfect fit with your new food carrier. Check out our collection of food carrier accessories for additional features and replacement parts.

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