Food Carriers

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Effortlessly load, transport, and serve hot food dishes with one of these great top loading food carriers.

These food carriers come fully insulated to keep foods at their ideal temperatures while also easily mobile. The top loading design makes loading pans and dishes easy since they simply sit next to or on top of each other. Sitting hot pans on top of each other can be risky however. You should be sure to use the proper lids for pans. Also be careful when grabbing hot pans or dishes as touching the wrong area could burn your hand. Properly stacking your pans or dishes will cut down on spillage.

Polypropylene Construction

"Go Boxes" provide convenient food safe temperature holding throughout a lunch pickup or takeout service. They are made from eco-friendly, high performance expanded polypropylene foam material that is perfect for food service companies. Constructed from recyclable polypropylene, these food carriers are durable, lightweight, and dishwasher safe. These polypropylene food carriers comes equipped with molded-in handles for ease of transport and safety.

Polyethylene Construction

Other top loading food pan carriers are built from high density polyethylene. This material is similar to larger front loading pan carriers and food pan carrier carts. With polyurethane foam insulation, these types of food pan holders are great for transporting hot or cold items. Exteriors are odor and scratch resistant as well. These qualities make insulated food carriers easy to clean and sanitize, assuring you are delivering non-contaminated products.

Cambro's variety of food pan carriers offers different colors to allow chefs or staff to color code hot boxes for an easier service. Top loading insulated food carriers come with either a top hinged door or fully removable top. The fully removable top is convenient for loading and unloading, and is also molded to fit snug and flush on top. Some models even have a hinged door that allows either side to be opened while the other side stays shut. This is great for grabbing items here and there as guests come up to you.

Whether you need to move hot or cold foods, these insulated food carriers will keep products safe and secure. At Burkett, we offer a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles so that you can pick the perfect food carrier for your business.

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