Miscellaneous Carts

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Specialty carts are designed for specific uses, most commonly with compartments for silverware and trays for cafeteria and buffet style serving. Keeping your trays and silverware on a cart can make for the most convenient serving solutions that can be moved anywhere you need. These tray and silverware carts come in many different styles, so you can match your style and needs perfectly. Silverware bins are available in both holes and pan style storage, so you can store your utensils in the way that works best for you. Burkett has specialty tray carts at the best prices around to keep your buffet lines moving quickly.

What Are the Different Styles of Specialty Carts?

The most common styles of specialty cart designs are standard and step-up styles. Standard styles look like a typical utility cart, with a tray shelf on the bottom and silverware bins on the top. Step-up carts have a unique design, with the cart split between a low to the ground tray shelf to hold large stacks of trays, and a tall shelf on the other side with silverware bins for easy access. This step style allows for easy access of both trays and utensils.