Commercial Garbage Disposals

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Commercial garbage disposals are an incredibly useful piece of equipment for any food sink, allowing you to scrape and rinse foods from dishes directly down the drain without it clogging. These machines feature spinning blades that mince food waste into miniscule pieces that allow them to pass safely through the plumbing system. They are simple to install into the plumbing system of any sink, and the convenience they add will make you glad you did.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Garbage Disposals

What HP Disposal Do I Need?

For commercial kitchens, typically a horsepower of over 1 is preferred. A 1 HP garbage disposal will be able to handle the needs of smaller commercial kitchens, but the more food you will be putting through it, it the higher HP you will likely need. For residential uses, a garbage disposal typically requires less than 1HP.

Are Commercial Garbage Disposals Safe to Use With Septic Systems?

Yes, it is safe to use a garbage disposal if you rely on a septic tank. It may cause your system to require more frequent pumping though.

How Do I Know if a Garbage Disposal Will Fit on My Sink?

The measurements will be listed within the specs of each unit. Just compare the size of your sinks drain to the measurements of the disposal to ensure they will fit together.