Cart Accessories

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Utility carts are a great help in any kitchen, but adding some accessories can make them even better. Cart accessories available include things like silverware holders, retainer straps, and shelf panels. These accessories can aid in organization and transportation of your utility carts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cart Accessories

What Kinds of Utility Cart Accessories Are Available?

  • Silverware Holders - attaches to the end of your utility cart in order to hold your silverware separately from your other dishes during bussing
  • Retainer Straps - keeps contents of your cart from falling out during transport
  • Shelf Panels - encloses sides of your utility cart to hide bus tubs or other unsightly items from customer view

Do These Accessories Fit on Any Cart?

No, most cart accessories are designed to fit with specific utility cart models. View each product’s specs to see which cart it is designed for.