Faucet Accessories

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Whether you’re looking to replace broken or faulty parts or provide a much needed upgrade to your faucet, you can find all of the faucet accessories you need right here. We have a variety of replacement and upgrade faucet parts to choose from for every kind of sink and faucet you may have in your commercial foodservice establishment.

What Is Each Kind of Faucet Accessory Used For?

  • Parts Kits - Every kind of kit includes all of the small parts like supply nipples, retainer nuts, lock washers, and rubber washers you may need for your faucet. Each kit is made for a specific function, such as installing a deck-mount faucet, repairing a vacuum breaker, and many more. Parts kits are also known as installation kits, assembly kits, and repair kits.
  • Faucet Handles - These are ideal for replacing broken faucet handles or switching the original ones out for a different style. Not all handles will be interchangeable, so be sure to compare the specs on your original handles with the ones you wish to purchase.
  • Aerator - This device screws onto the end of your nozzle and controls the flow of water to provide a softer and slower flow.
  • Vacuum Breaker / Backflow Preventer - A faucet or pipe attachment that prevents water from flowing backwards through the plumbing. Backflow can contaminate your water supply, so it's important to install the right equipment to avoid this.
  • Swivel to Rigid Adaptor - An adaptor that allows you to change the nozzle style on your faucet from a swivel nozzle to a rigid/stationary nozzle.
  • Faucet Wand - These allow you to easily convert a standard sink into a hands-free sink with a touch-free lever installed on the end of the spout that releases water when pressed with a cup/container.
  • Foot or Knee Valve - These are valves that can be added to any faucet or sink to allow for hands-free use by pressing the lever with your foot or knee to activate the water flow.