Pre-rinse Faucet Accessories

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If it’s time to upgrade or replace any parts for your pre-rinse faucet, we have all of the accessories you need! Whether you’re replacing a faulty valve, upgrading to a longer hose, or anything in between, we have all of the parts you'll need to complete the job. With our selection of pre-rinse faucet accessories, you'll be able to save money and avoid replacing the entire unit. Find the necessary accessories and parts to repair and upgrade your pre-rinse faucet at Burkett.

What Pre-rinse Faucet Accessories Are Available?

  • Pre-rinse Hose - Replacement hoses for your pre-rinse faucet come in many different styles and sizes. You can find pre-rinse hoses in various sizes, made from stainless steel or PVC, and with additional features like backflow preventers to meet your specific requirements.
  • Wall Bracket - These can provide stability for your pre-rinse faucet by securing the pipe to your wall.
  • Spring - Made to fit around your pre-rinse hose to keep it in place and reduce stress on the hose.
  • Repair Kit for Valve - A kit that includes key parts for repairing your spray valve such as washers, springs, spray head rings, and screws.