Sink Accessories

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Sink accessories are additional products that can improve the quality of your sink's function. Some common accessories for your sink include strainers, feet, pipes, and drainboards. Whether you have a 3 compartment sink, a dump sink, or a hand sink, you can find the perfect accessories to make the job easier and streamline your kitchen activities.

What Kind of Sink Accessories Are Available?

  • Strainer - keeps solids from going down your drain and creating clogs
  • Sink Foot - adjustable to keep your sink stable and at the perfect height
  • Twist Drain - allows you to keep your sink from draining while you soak dishes
  • Drainboard - provides a place to hold dishes before or after washing while draining any excess water back into the sink
  • Overflow Pipe / Drain Extension - lets you fill your sink without worrying about accidental overflow