Water Booster Heaters

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Water booster heaters are necessary in many commercial warewashing applications. Reaching the high temperatures necessary for proper sanitation is extremely important, and a booster heater is exactly what you need to do that. We carry a variety of gas and electric models that can help you reach the temperature you need for washing in both sinks and machines alike.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Booster Heaters

How Do I Know if I Need a Booster Heater?

Booster heaters are included in many commercial dish machines, but not all. If you choose a high temperature dish machine, you will need to have a booster heater to reach its operating temperatures. If your high temperature dishwasher does not list an included booster heater, it is necessary to purchase one separately. If you are using low-temp dishwashing with sanitizing chemicals, a booster heater may not be necessary.

What Is the Difference Between a Gas Booster Heater and an Electric Booster Heater?

It all comes down to preference. They both create the same affect - high temperature water for your dishwashing needs. The difference is simply in how it reaches that temperature, with electricity or gas heating.

How Much of a Temperature Rise Should My Booster Heater Have?

The temperature rise needed depends on your hot water heater’s ability. To determine your temperature need, check your water’s maximum temperature at peak points in the day. Subtract the required operating temperature of the dishwasher from the lowest maximum temperature your water reaches. This is how much of a rise you will need from your booster heater. For example: if your required temperature is 180°F, and your maximum temperature at peak times in the day gets down to 110°F, you will need a 70° temperature rise from your booster heater.