Outdoor Tables

Create a comfortable eating experience for your dining establishments patio area with Burkett’s selection of outdoor tables.

Provide a space for your customers to enjoy your delicious culinary creations in the beautiful outdoors with our selection of outdoor tables. Choose from a variety of different styles and sizes to upgrade your food service operation’s patio area. Outdoor tables are well built and constructed with durability and style in mind. They are fully prepared to hold and display anything from a full meal to a small platter of snacks.

Constructed of durable aluminum or wrought iron, these tables are strong and stylish. They are resistant to both water and heat, making them ideal for outdoor usage. Look through different tables in numerous shapes, sizes and finish colors to find the perfect one for your restaurant’s patio area. Choose a full table or a set of tables that will fit your outdoor space accordingly. Complete your table set with our collection of outdoor chairs.