Booths & Benches

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Offer your customers a comfortable spot to wait for their table or to go order with Burkett’s selection of booths and benches.

Patrons often like to have a choice when it comes to seating. Restaurant booths provide a sleek and comfortable alternative to chairs, providing users with a more intimate and private experience. Keep it short and sweet by adding a single booth to a table or create comfortable sitting arrangements throughout your dining establishment with a double sided booth. Restaurant waiting benches offer your customers a comfortable place to relax and wait for their table. They are often backless and placed along a wall or window. These waiting benches have padded vinyl seats to keep guests comfortable while waiting to hear their name called. Restaurant seating needs to be just comfortable enough to keep patrons happy for the duration of the meal without making them a permanent fixture of the dining room! Select the best seating for your dining room.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Booths and Waiting Benches

What are restaurant booths made of?

Restaurant booths are made of strong, long-lasting materials. This includes materials such as vinyl, upholstered material, and laminate. These durable materials are designed for commercial use so they wont rip or tear easily. They are also very easy to clean and only require soap and water for cleaning.

How do you keep waiting customers happy?

Keeping hungry people joyful isn’t always an easy task. Luckily there are several different opportunities to make your guests more comfortable. Let’s start with giving them a place to sit. Waiting benches will not only give your customers a comfortable place to sit, they also encourage them to stick around instead of going some place else. Be sure to have your menu available to your waiting customers. This not only gives them temporary entertainment, it also speeds up the dining process by having them know what they already want. Try to strategically set up your waiting area to direct customers to your bar, so you can serve them drinks while they wait to be seated.