High Chairs & Booster Seats

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Comfortably seat your young guests with Burkett’s selection of child seating.

High chairs and booster seats provide worry-free accommodation for younger guests. These fine pieces of restaurant furniture are designed to fit flush with standard tables, allowing children to enjoy their meals with their taller company. Many booster seats and high chairs come with professional finishes to match the rest of your restaurant seating. These sitting devices make a family night out much easier for children, parents, and the serving staff. When it comes to young restaurant patrons, brands like Cambro and Winco have not forgotten their unique needs. High chairs and booster seats provide a happy dining experience for youngsters, and this service is often invaluable to their parents as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Child Seating

What is the Difference Between a Restaurant Booster Seat and a Restaurant High Chair?

  • High chairs are tall, typically wood, and are used for babies and smaller children that cannot sit for themselves. They are designed for very young children and are usually placed at the end of a table. Booster seats are small plastic devices that attach to regular seats, allowing young children to sit at the table at eye level. These units are popular among toddlers, and they feature a strap to keep the booster seat attached to the actual seat. High chairs take up more room than booster seats, however they are also more secure. Both sitting devices are an absolute necessity if you plan on having guests of all ages come to your food service operation.
  • Restaurant High Chair - From the time babies are about 6 to 9 months old to just about the age of two, it is recommended that they sit in a high chair. Restaurant high chairs are designed for younger guests and keeps them tightly secure with a strap. Generally made of wood, these units blend in with most dining chairs. These units can be placed anywhere where a chair normally fits.
  • Restaurant Booster Seat - Booster Seats are designed for toddlers and small children. They are not designed for small babies and will not keep them secure in the same way that a high chair would. These units are made for little guests who know how to sit up but need a few more inches in the height department to comfortably sit and enjoy their food. Booster seats are made of plastic and don’t typically take up a lot of room at a table or in storage.