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Keep your guests comfortable enough to stick around for “one more” with Burkett’s selection of restaurant bar stools.

Choosing the right bar stool for your bar or restaurant is an opportunity to grow your dining establishments aesthetic and style. Assess the style, character, and colors of your commercial food service establishment before selecting the best bar stools for your business. Whether your restaurant or bar’s theme is rustic, modern, elegant, or casual, Burkett has the perfect bar stool for you. There are plenty of designs such as backless bar stools, ladder back bar stools, slat back bar stools, wood bar stools, metal bar stools, armless barstools, bar stools with footrests, and so much more. Barstool seating is tall and visible and often impacts the customer's perception of the establishment as a whole. Burkett is proud to offer our selection of different bar stools, please look through our catalog to find the best bar stool for your food service operation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Bar Stools

What are restaurant bar stools made of?

Restaurant bar stools are made of incredibly durable and strong materials. This includes metal bar stools, wood bar stools, steel bar stools, aluminum bar stools, and a combination of these materials. If you’re looking for a strong, long-lasting bar stool, then a metal bar stool or a steel bar stool is your dining establishments best option. Wood bar stools are an excellent choice for bars or restaurants that are trying to enhance their style, but still need a sturdy reliable seating option. Aluminum stools are the number one option for those who are staying on a budget, but still need a well-built, trusted bar stool. Get the best of both worlds by choosing a restaurant bar stool that is made of two of these materials.

What should I look for in a restaurant bar stool?

When choosing the correct bar stool for your dining establishment, there are multiple things that should be considered.

  • Metal Bar Stools vs Wooden Bar Stools - When choosing a bar stool for your food service operation, you will first need to decide between metal and wood. Metal barstools often fit in restaurants and cafes with a more modern look and feel. Conversely, wood barstools may be better suited to traditional taverns, or spaces with other prominent wood fixtures and furniture. Metal bar stools are more common these days and are easy to maintain, while wood bar stools last longer but do not offer as many style options.
  • Frame - The frame is the strongest and most important functional part of a bar stool. Burkett offers a wide range of different kinds of bar stool frames. This includes, welded 18 gauge steel frame bar stools, galvanized steel frame bar stools, aluminum frame bar stools, wood frame bar stools, and metal frame bar stools. Along with different types of frames, bar stools also have many different types of finishes, such as textured black powder coat finishes, chrome finishes, gloss black finishes, clear coat finishes, and wood look finishes. With so many different types of frames and finishes, there is sure to be a bar stool perfectly designed for your food service operation.
  • Back - Arguably the most important part of a bar stool style and aesthetic wise, the back of bar stools come in many different shapes and forms. If comfort is your number one priority, then consider choosing a bar stool with a padded back or a bar stool with arms. For dining establishments that are going for a simple classic vibe, a ladder back bar stool or a slat back bar stool are your perfect option. Backless bar stools and laser back bar stools are a tremendous choice for modern restaurants looking for modern bar stools. The backs of bar stools can be made up of several different durable materials, including steel, metal, wood, and aluminum.
  • Seat - When looking for the perfect bar stool, you must determine which type of seat will best suit your food service operation. Seats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Choose an upholstered padded seat bar stool to keep your customers comfortable or choose a wood seat bar stool for a more eye-catching appearance. With metal, steel, and vinyl seats, we have a seat style for everybody! Burkett has a selection of different types of bar stool seating styles, including tolix bar stools, swivel bar stools, and stackable bar stools.
  • Footrest - A barstool with a footrest is not favored by some establishments, while for others its a necessity. Footrests give users a spot to relax their legs and feet. They also add support to the structure of the bar stool and add more durability. A barstool with footrest helps with back support, while a barstool without one is more compact and weighs less.
  • Size - Choosing the correct size is the most number one most important part of choosing a barstool. Barstools with a height of up to 28” from the bottom to the seat are designed for counter height tables. Models with a height of at least 29” from the bottom to the seat are intended for actual bars and can be used for high top tables.

What's the best way to clean vinyl bar stools?

Cleaning your vinyl bar stools regularly is important for sanitary purposes. Not cleaning or improper cleaning can lead to your bar stools becoming frail and flakey. Start by wiping your vinyl bar stool with a damp cloth. Now, add some baking soda to your damp cloth and wipe it down again. Next, brush your bar stool with a mix of water, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide. This combination will eliminate any mildew or mold that is built up on the stool. If you don’t have these chemicals on hand, then simply, just use a combination of soap and water. Finally, wipe down the vinyl bar stool with a dry rag and enjoy your sparkling clean bar stool.