Table Tops

Restaurant table tops are essential for any food service operation that wishes to serve their customers inside of their actual establishment.

Offer your guests a sturdy, durable, and beautiful place to eat with Burkett’s selection of table tops. Table bases for these models are a necessity since they do not come together. With a wood grain look laminate on one side and a flat black laminate on the other, reversible table tops can be used in any restaurant. The wood look laminate side can be used to create a more classic atmosphere without costing an arm and a leg. The black laminate gives a more modern appeal. The question is often asked, “Won’t there be mounting holes on whichever side I face up?” Luckily, you do not have to worry about this because the reversible table tops come with small pegs that you can place in the mounting holes. Be sure to select the shape and size that maximizes the available space. Upgrade your dining room with our selection of table tops.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Table Tops

What are table tops made of?

Restaurant table tops are constructed of incredibly durable and trusted materials that provide them with excellent, long lasting service. These materials include hardwood, resin, melamine, and different forms of laminate. Many restaurant table tops use a mix of these materials to create versatile, long lasting results.

Do I need a laminate table top or a reversible table top?

The first question you must answer when deciding to purchase a table top is, do you prefer a laminate table top or a reversible table top? If your going based off of durability and appearance, laminate tables are your best option. If you’re searching for a versatile, less expensive model, then reversible tables tops are your best bet. Laminate table tops are extremely resistant to stains and heat damage. They typically have beautiful finishes and have a more professional look. Laminate table tops are also much easier to clean and maintain, opposed to reversible table tops. Reversible table tops are amazing for their ability to utilize each side of the table top. Each side has a different type of design, so you always have at least two different options. These models are less expensive than reversible table tops, but still prove to be tremendously durable.