Syrup Dispensers

Serving syrup at a restaurant can start a sticky situation unless the proper serving dispensers are used. Syrup requires a specific pourer, one that is simple to pour and will not seal shut if it gets sticky. If you serve breakfast foods, be sure to stock up on syrup dispensers like these. Syrup dispensers have a very recognizable shape and opening style. The ergonomic handles allow the user to open, pour and close the dispenser with one hand. Because syrup is fairly viscous, the small opening created by pressing the thumb lever down makes for a perfect pour, and there are virtually no drips once the cover slides back over the opening to seal it. Syrup dispensers are also good choices for salad dressing. These are often used at self-service salad bars in restaurants or cafeterias.

Depending on your menu or specific needs, you can purchase syrup dispensers in varying sizes. From 6 ounces to 14 ounces, they come in a variety of capacities.