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Oven Mitts

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In order to safely remove a hot pan or casserole dish from an oven is to use an oven mitt or two. Different models of mitts have different temperature resistances, so you will want to consider how hot the pots are that you will be handling. The overall length of the mitt is also an important consideration. Most oven mitts will cover the whole hand and most of the forearm, if not all the way up to the elbow. However, people with larger hands and broader forearms might have trouble finding a mitt to fit them. All mitts are designed to withstand the temperatures of a normal oven, (up to 400 or 500 degrees). However, if you cook with exceptionally high heat, you will probably want a mitt with a higher temperature resistance level. Some models can protect the hand from temperatures reaching 900 degrees. If will be reaching into an oven or barbecue pit that is using open flames to cook the food, it would not hurt to consider a mitt that is flame retardant.

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