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There are hundreds of options when it comes to serving tongs. If you are serving food at a buffet or food bar, tongs are probably your best friend. Most finger foods, salad toppers and meats are easiest to serve with tongs. As you look around at the many options available, keep in mind the different styles of serving tongs. Small pom tongs or ice tongs are great for picking up small items like cherry tomatoes, ice cubes and olives. These are ideal for a toppings or salad bar, or for the ice bucket. Utility tongs are generally large, heavy-duty tongs with scalloped edges that often feature a spring mechanism. They are great for serving salads, pastas and a wide assortment of larger items. Other tongs are specifically designed for serving pastries, bread, pasta, sugar cubes and barbecue. Barbecue tongs can be used for serving large pieces of meat or vegetables. They are also called “turner tongs” and can usually be used directly for cooking on the grill as well. Classic scissor tongs with combination ends are often used to serve salads and pastas.

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