Drinking Jar Glasses

Regardless of whether you are looking for a change in glassware at home or in a commercial establishment, Burkett has a variety of drinking jars that will fit your needs. These jars are great for serving soda, water, iced tea and more. The glasses typically feature handles and resemble the shape and styling of Mason jars which have traditionally been used in the country for canning goods such as fruits and vegetables.

With the popularity of drinking jars rising in restaurant use, there is no reason to wonder why they can be seen everywhere. Many restaurants choose to use pieces from this selection of glassware because they add to the ambiance of the restaurant. The jars provide a unique look on your tabletops in your dining room and they can also closely coordinate with the theme of your restaurant.

Many restaurants who serve home-style meals, steaks or burgers like this added touch of décor. In addition, these drinking jars can help match the decoration of your restaurant. For example, if you have a western themed steak house, these glasses can help take your costumers back to the old west.