High Ball Glasses

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Simple, traditional, yet still elegant, the high ball glass is a tall, cylindrical tumbler that is taller than a rocks glass but shorter and more stout compared to a Collins glass. These cocktail glasses are finding themselves a variety of uses in the bar, being used from anything ranging from a bloody Mary to a mojito.

These high ball glasses were originally designed for the highball family of mixed drinks. These drinks usually are made from a base of rum, vodka, gin or whiskey and a larger proportion of flavored mixer. The original highball was made from scotch and carbonated water, which is more commonly known as a scotch and soda. Some high ball cocktails that are widely popular today include the vodka soda, gin and tonic, as well as the screwdriver which consists of orange juice and vodka.

Despite being named after the specific group of mixed drinks, these cocktail glasses are very versatile in any bar or restaurant. They do not have a specific style or a specific purpose, and their multi-purpose design can be handy for any bartender. Instead of trying to rush around the bar for a certain type of glass, high ball glasses can be used for a variety of mixed drinks and beers. Even a margarita or a mojito, which are very specific mixed drinks, can work just fine in these cocktail glasses. The key with this glass is not to over-analyze. Keep it simple by keeping your customers with a smile on their faces and a full high ball glass in their hands.