Hurricane Glasses

The hurricane glass is a unique, fun glass that is just uncommon enough to gather attention. Some people think of it as resembling a vase or a hurricane lamp. After all, how many drinks have you ever ordered that come in one of these special cocktail glasses? These glasses are perfect with their elongated bowl and curvy tulip design for a variety of fun drinks such as the piña colada, June bug and of course the hurricane, the name sake of these glasses.

The hurricane is a special drink that is made of tropical fruit juice, rum and grenadine. It actually originated in New Orleans and is widely popular in the Southern United States. Pat O’Brien’s bar is known for creating the original hurricane and is the place that many go to enjoy this drink that is mostly served in these fancy cocktail glasses.

When using hurricane glasses, the garnish is a big deal. In fact, people expect a garnish of some sort or else they feel that the drink is just not complete. Be sure to use a dainty paper parasol cocktail pick in your piña coladas. This adds to the “island” feel of the drink. In Mai Tais or rum drinks, skewering several chunks of pineapples, melons or berries on a bamboo or sword-shaped cocktail picks adds a splash of fun and makes a great conversation piece.