Margarita Glasses

Although margaritas can be served in a variety of cocktail glasses such as the rocks glass or high ball, nothing showcases this traditional drink from Mexico quite the same as our selection of margarita glasses. These glasses are a staple in bars and Mexican restaurants that serve a lot of frozen margaritas and actually take their shape from the classic wide bowled Champagne coupe. Some of these cocktail glasses feature a rounded bowl while the more traditional styles feature a smaller bowl that tapers up into a wide flared rim.

The most common margaritas are composed of tequila, orange liqueur, citrus juice and simple syrup or other sweetener. In recent years these cocktails have been served in strawberry, mango, watermelon and a variety of other flavors. They are either served “on the rocks” in a rocks glass or frozen and blended like a strawberry daiquiri in a margarita glass.

One extremely important feature of the typical margarita is the salt-rimmed glass. On these standard Margarita glasses, the emphasis is definitely on the wide, protruding rim, highlighting the salt and often a lime garnish as well. True, many modern versions of the margarita come with sugar coating the rim, and sometimes the sugar is colored or flavored to match the margarita. However they are garnished, these cocktail glasses accentuate the vibrancy characteristic of this fundamental Mexican cocktail.