Mixing Glasses

Professional bartenders want professional products. Every tool and accessory should seamlessly blend functionality with artistry. For bartenders using stainless steel shaker tins, these mixing glasses are the ideal accompaniment. These glasses are strong and durable, often heat-treated for long-lasting quality and chip-resistance. Mixing glasses typically resemble pint glasses that are made tough, perfect for mixing up ice cold drinks.

Many bartenders prefer using a stainless steel shaker cup to mix drinks. Shaker cups are also called shaker tins, or Boston shakers. However you look at it, the shaker cup is useless unless accompanied by a mixing glass. Bartenders can add drink ingredients directly to the mixing glass or the shaker tin. Some mixing glasses even come with ounce markings on the side of the glass for easy measuring.

Often, bars prefer to use bar jiggers to accurately measure liquor pours. Consistent pours mean controlled costs for your bar or reastaurant. Get mixing by simply putting the stainless steel shaker tin and mixing glass together, with the mouths of the cups facing one another, and form a seal. Then, using both hands, shake away. Once the mixed drink is icy cold, use a cocktail strainer to pour the drink into a glass, and voila: your cocktail is ready.