Pilsner Glasses

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Despite its existence as a type of lager, pilsner beers have their own notoriety, which is why a wide selection of pilsner beer glasses is available from Burkett. The traditional pilsner glass is known for its more narrow shape at the base of the glass that opens up wider towards the top of the glass. It often has an hour glass appearance in order to capture the carbonation of the beer to maintain a head that is approximately two to three finger widths tall. In addition, pilsner beer glasses also can resemble a trumpet-like shape as well as take on a similar form to the beer glasses by type that are typically used for lagers.

Believe it or not, pilsner is actually one of the more popular types of lager that is enjoyed around the world, which is why the glassware is so similar to that of lager. Pilsner is brewed using slow fermenting yeast that ferments at the bottom of the barrel, rather than the top like other types of beer. The barrel is then stored at cool temperatures, traditionally in a cave, so the yeast can fully ferment.

The first pilsner was brewed in a city called Pilsen in Germany, which gives this beer its name. Due to the soft water in Pilsen along with the hops and paler malts, Bavarian brewer Joseph Groll was able to use Bavarian brewing techniques and combined with those used to make lager in order to create the very first golden pilsner.

With pilsner’s history, this selection of various shapes and sizes of pilsner beer glasses will help you showcase the best pilsners from around the world.