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Tray Stands

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What better way to accent that serving tray than with a high quality, sturdy and great looking tray stand. You can choose from numerous tray stands perfect for use inside the home or commercial restaurant establishment. Tray stands can act as a third arm for waitstaff in any commercial restaurant establishment. Stands are especially important for servers handling large or overloaded serving trays. Tray stands are available in many colors and materials. The frame can come in wood, metal or plastic. While wood is the most traditional choice, many restaurants choose to use metal now, as it is generally more economical. However, wood tray stands are generally considered warmer and more attractive, making them more suitable for many upscale restaurants. In addition to material type, you should consider the height of your tray stand. Stand heights tend to vary from 30 to 38 inches. Consider the height of your servers, and what height they are most comfortable serving from. If the height of your servers varies, it may be a good idea to choose stands of several different heights, so that all of your waitstaff can find a stand with which they can work comfortably.

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