Bread Boards

A bread board is a great amenity for any restaurant that wants to serve freshly-baked bread. As soon as it is sliced, the freshly-baked insides are exposed to air and begin to harden and grow stale. By presenting your customers with un-sliced bread, you can better retain the freshness of your loaves and baguettes. Bread boards come in a variety of sizes and materials. Match the size of your breadboard to the size of your loaf. It should be big enough to give customers’ room to slice the bread, but not so big that it crowds the tabletop. Bread boards also come with several features. For the cleanest, most professional-looking bread board system, look for a board with a slot for the bread knife, as well as an indentation or holder for a ramekin or condiment cup.

Bread boards can also double as cheese boards. The cup insert can be used to hold a cup of sauce, dressing or dips, and the knife slot can also hold a non-serrated knife for cutting cheese. Letting your bread board double as a cheese board is an efficient way to cut costs on supplies, just in case you are planning on serving both. For homeowners, a bread board is perfect for serving a variety of appetizers, cheeses, crackers and breads. Because it doubles as both a cutting board and an attractive platter, it is a versatile item.