Display Risers

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction

Display risers and display stands are the perfect solution to caterers looking for a versatile display that can be changed and moved to create different patterns and setups for a buffet or tabletop. Step up your game by using risers at your next function. These pieces can be purchased in sets or one piece at a time to add a unique display element to any buffet. These risers can be used to hold foods, dishes or decorative accessories. They are perfect for displaying baked goods, appetizers and desserts. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, these displays can be used for floral decorations, sculptures or fresh produce.

Many of these display risers come in sets, allowing you to rearrange the heights and order of the risers for an assortment of unique presentations. Every caterer needs at least one quality riser set on hand for versatile buffet displays. When choosing your set, the most important considerations are the number of pieces in the set and the style of the risers, including the shape and heights of each piece as well as their construction.

Standalone risers are also available and are sure to make whatever food they hold more visible and attractive. They can be purchased individually, or you can purchase several models of different heights and styles to create a versatile and unique buffet presentation. When choosing your standalone display riser, there are hundreds of options to consider. You may want one that holds a dish, so you can serve or display loose foods, candies or potpourri. On the other hand, a riser with a flat top surface will really bring out the shape and color of individual food items such as baked goods or small hors d’oeuvres.

Also available are clear acrylic risers, great for displaying knick-knacks and decorations as well as food or dishes. Stainless steel models would have a more elegant effect for a more formal occasion like a ceremony or business conference. Metal or mirrored risers are great for weddings or more luxurious events, and bring a unique visual element to your buffet, countertop or table.