Straw Dispensers

Many restaurants, convenience stores and concession stands serve fountain drinks, smoothies or shakes that require straws to drink. Without a reliable dispenser, straws have a tendency to roll off of countertops and onto the floor, making for a bunch of wasted product. Try a straw dispenser to keep straws organized and controlled in one place. Straw dispensers come in different designs and materials. They are often just a stainless steel or glass cup that is planted on a countertop for guests or employees to use.

Straw dispensers may also be clear acrylic ones that hold straws horizontally, dispensing one at a time when a trigger bar is pressed. Much like stir stick dispensers, these types of straw dispensers are generally very useful for reducing the number of straws that are wasted when people accidentally take too many or drop one, plus they keep the straws clean and controlled in a sealed container.

When choosing a straw dispenser, be sure to acknowledge whether the model is designed to dispense unwrapped straws or wrapped straws. Sometimes, straw dispensers will simply not work if they have the wrong type of straw inside. Assess your product needs and choose a dispenser based on the types of straws you use and whether they are wrapped or unwrapped.