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Wire Cone Baskets

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Wire cone baskets feature round, wire cones on a stand. They are most popularly used for serving French fries in bars, fast casual eateries and casual full-service restaurants. They are also perfect for holding bread, breadsticks or fried appetizers. When serving fried foods in your conical baskets, always line the basket with paper first. One of the advantages of a cone basket is that it is very open leaving room for aeration. This ensures that the basket will not get soggy with grease. Many of these baskets should be washed manually, since wrought iron is rarely dishwasher safe. Others can go in the warewasher, so check the product details for more information on how to care for your basket.

Our wire cone baskets make eating fried foods fun. They are ideal for casual establishments that serve a lot of appetizers. And when it comes to happy hour, these baskets will offer a great presentation for your happy hour appetizers and sides.

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