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What different styles are there?

Most of the dinnerware we sell can be broken down into 3 categories:
  • Chinaware: The "fanciest" of the 3 groups, a heavier porcelain or similar material made into very elegant plates, normally white or off-white in color
  • Melamine: The least breakable of the 3. Great for use in restaurants that serve children, Melamine dinnerware is made with the composite known as Melamine, a type of plastic that can be easily colored and resists breakage much better than other materials
  • Tenmoku: A very interesting-looking type of pottery, tenmoku is a glaze added to clay or porcelain pottery that gives a rust-colored, shiny speckled crystalline coat that is great for use in Oriental-themed restaurants

What types of dishes do you sell?

Our stock of dinnerware is constantly updating, but we currently sell Bouillon cups, bowls, creamers, cups and saucers, plates and platters. Also found in this section is our Chinaware Accessories like dish dollies to transport your dishes. We sell most of these items from the same series or brands, so you can mix (and more importantly, match) your cups, plates, bowls etc.

What quantities are there?

Typically, our dishes come in cases of 36, with bulk discounts for buying more than 10 cases. Some dishes are sold in quantities of 12 or 48 as well. Each product is clearly marked in several places to tell you exactly how many you'll be ordering at a time.