Rocks Glasses

With a variety of drinks being served “on the rocks” in bars and restaurants, many people consider rocks glasses a necessity when it comes to their liquor and liqueur glasses lineup. These glasses are great for serving straight spirits such as whiskey and scotch because they can hold between eight and 12 ounces of liquid. Many sweet and mixed drinks are also served in rocks glasses, as it is a staple in many bars in terms of bar glassware.

Many of these liquor and liqueur glasses are round and closely resemble what one would think of as a juice glass. Some of the glasses feature flutes that make the base of the glass a bit narrower than the opening while others resemble cylindrical shapes stuck on very short stems. When ice cubes are dropped from the correct height, many of these glasses showcase a delicate “ting" sound.

Also called “low ball” glasses or old fashioned glasses, these rocks glasses are essentially short tumblers used to serve alcoholic beverages over ice. As far as rocks glasses go, they can be sleek and smooth, slightly rounded or flared, and with a normal or heavy, thick base. The sides are often angled or chiseled to form a more crystal-like appearance.

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