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Tabletop Racks

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For diners, breakfast restaurants and other full-service establishments, condiment racks, holders and caddies are a necessity for organizing the tabletop. Even if you only need shakers and sugar packets on your tabletop, a caddy will clean up the overall look. Serving condiments with a meal allows your customers to customize their meal, and you just can't serve fries without ketchup.

When choosing a condiment rack, holder or caddy, pay close attention to the measurements to assure it will not take up too much space at the table. Most restaurants only need a sugar caddy or a condiment rack to hold the salt and pepper shakers. Other restaurants will need versatile baskets or caddies to hold a wide assortment of sauces, butter, jellies and condiment containers. Even quick-service establishments can benefit from condiment holders for their ketchup and mustard.

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