When serving ice water, juice or other beverages, look for a lightweight pitcher that is easy to carry and designed for commercial use. For table service of ice water, a plastic or metal pitcher with an ice guard is ideal and will prevent the spilling of water and ice. There are many styles of pitchers to choose from. Shiny metal is great for presentation purposes as well as functionality. It is perfect for serving guests, and generally makes for a finer presentation than plastic pitchers.

Bell pitchers have a nice full shape and are easy to handle. On the other hand, pitchers with a lid are also an excellent choice for water service in an upscale restaurant or formal catering event. The lid will keep dust and bugs out of the water, making it ideal for outdoor food service environments. Carafes and decanters are popular choices for leaving at the table for guests to serve themselves water. For juice service, consider a pitcher with an ice chamber at its core. This will keep the juice cold as it is waits to be poured into the glass.

Beer pitchers are often seen at sports bars, neighborhood pubs and other bars where beer is served on tap. Beer pitchers provide customers a way to order a larger quantity of beer at one time, perfect for a group or a two-some who want a good deal on beer, as well as a way to refill their glasses more quickly. Beer pitchers are typically between 30 and 60 ounces, enough for several glasses of beers. The pitchers are typically plastic, and often have ribbed sides rather than straight and smooth sides. The plastic material makes them durable against any abuse they may receive behind the bar during washing. Some beer pitchers are made of glass, offering an upscale look that might be perfect for a swanky tavern or a fancy event. Typically bars will discount the price of beer if ordered by the pitcher, since they are selling more beer at a time. Pitchers are often hot items on happy hour menus as well. You may need to give novice bartenders a bit of practice filling bar pitchers so that it does not end up with too much of a head on top.

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