Floor Mats

Service mats are seen in virtually every kitchen and bar and can even be found in retail stores behind many cash registers. These simple rubber mats are made to be easy to clean and to prevent fatigue for your service workers. The mats provide some cushion on cement or hardwood areas and, when employees are on their feet all day, can keep them going longer than they would if they were pained from standing on rock-hard areas all day. The mats are an easy investment that will undoubtedly benefit you and your employees immediately. The mats are also created with an easy-to-clean design for messy food service industries. They are made with holes spaced throughout the whole mat, which prevents food and beverage from sticking to the top of the mat and creating a slippery surface. Instead, the discarded solids and liquids will fall into the holes and can be washed away later when they are not a safety hazard.