Bar Mop Towels

Part of a bartender’s job duties include keeping a clean bar. In fact, some bartenders are never found without a bar towel thrown over their shoulder. A thoroughly and consistently wiped bar makes for a better experience for bar patrons, and keeps health inspectors satisfied. There is nothing truly spectacular about bar towels, but they do have their own important details. One is the material of which they are made. Some towels are a simple cotton, others are a fluffy terry cotton material, and even others are microfiber for the greatest absorbency. The type of towel material does play a role in the towel's overall absorbency, and also how durable it is against heavy use.

Absorbency, in fact, is probably the most important factor when selecting a bar towel. When you see an ounce measurement in the product information for that towel, it indicates the total amount of liquid that the towel can absorb. This comes in handy when choosing a towel for your bar. The greater the absorbency, the more spills, drips and sanitizing solution your bar towels can handle.