Bar Rail Spill Mat

Bartenders are known for their speed, accuracy and flair; not necessarily their ability to keep to a clean bar all night. Drinks often spill, leaving the bar slippery or sticky. This can potentially ruin another drink or even break a glass. Using a Bar Rail Spill Mat ensures a safer work area in your bar. Bar mats may not look like much, but they can do a lot of good when it comes to making drinks. When bartenders use a bar mat, the work surface is raised slightly off the bar, meaning that any spilled liquids fall between the holes or spaces between the mat. This reduces any puddles or sticky spots on the actual work space, making it easier and faster for the bar tender to make drinks. It also takes a little of the pressure off when the business gets a big rush and spills happen more frequently.

Bar Rail Spill Mats are often manufactured to fit in the narrow shelf area between the top of the bar and the under-bar area. These bar mats are the perfect width and usually come in standard lengths as well.