Cocktail Shakers

Serve them their favorite drinks in our quality cocktail shakers. These attractive products will shake up your customers’ notion of quality and remind them why yours is their favorite bar. Cocktail shakers are the tool that allow you to server drinks shaken, not stirred and many are even styled to look as dashing as 007 himself. We offer an incredible range of cocktail shakers that are sure to suit every bar from the largest destination bars to the smallest kitchen counter bar at home. Our cocktail shakers are also available in many different designs that are designed to suit practically any style or budget.

One of the best and worst things about cocktail shakers is that they’re one of the few tools that are frequently seen by your guests. While this can be a bit of a curse if your shakers are old and beat up, it’s also an excellent opportunity to show off the style and excitement of your bar, so take a chance on your next shaker and find the shaker from our incredible selection that best expresses your bar and your attitude.