Cocktail Strainers

After shaking up a whiskey sour mix, you are ready to pour the drink into a clean rocks glass. But before you tip that shaker tin, use a cocktail strainer. These handy devices use a section of spring and a perforated metal paddle to drain the liquid from the cup and leave out unwanted ice, fruit and pulp. Most cocktail strainers are created with the same purpose and goal in mind. Hence, most of them look very similar. Traditional cocktail strainers have two or four prongs, giving them more stability on the top of the shaker cup. Cocktail strainers are especially useful in the absence of a cocktail shaker set. Specialty drinks like mint juleps actually have their very own variety of strainer. These resemble perforated stainless steel spoons. After the mint leaves, bourbon and simple syrup are muddled together, the julep strainer is used as a sieve to separate the crushed mint leaves from beverage as it is poured into a cocktail glass.