Margarita Rimmers

A margarita just isn’t a margarita without a salt-coated rim on the glass. For the strawberry margarita fans, sugar is usually more appropriate. Either way, specialty drinks like margaritas require this little extra taste sensation. Be sure to stock your bar with glass rimmers to prepare for the margarita craze in your customers. Glass rimmers typically hold lime juice, sugar and salt, depending on the number of tiers. Dipping the rim of the glass in the lime juice-soaked sponge adds a coating of tangy stickiness to the rim. Next, the glass is tipped over again, and dipped into either the salt or the sugar. The lime juice helps the salt or sugar adhere to the rim of the glass. After this preparation, the drink can be poured.

Although this method is predominantly used for the popular Mexican margarita, glass rimmers can be used for a variety of drinks. Different kinds of sugars or even a chocolate dust might be used to coat the rims of martini glasses, especially for sweet, colorful dessert martinis. In fact, it is not uncommon to see several different glass rimmers to hold all the different flavors and colors of sugars and salts that are now available.