Muffin Pans

From mini muffins that you pop in your mouth one at a time to giant muffins that can take a friend’s help to finish, muffins are a great snack any time of the day. They come in many sizes and the recipes are incredibly varied. You have a choice between healthy bran muffins to the delicious muffin cousin, the cupcake. As more and more bakeries open specializing in cupcakes, one cannot ignore the chic cupcake trend that has begun. What was once a treat made by mom is now a confectionery triumph touted by many a bakery. So, what exactly makes these cupcakes superior (or inferior) to each other? Many critics seem to agree that moisture and flavor of both the cupcake and the frosting. There are other factors that vary from person to person, but the above are overarching themes. While flavor is really up to your recipe, keeping your cupcakes from drying out can pose a problem. Keep cupcakes that you are not serving soon covered and refrigerated. When baking your cupcakes, use a paper or foil liner. This will help lock in moisture and keep the moisture in the bottom of the cupcake. Be sure not to front your cupcakes until you are just about ready to serve them. Chilling the frosting makes it much less desirable.