Boning Knives

When it comes to removing bones in poultry, meat, or fish, boning knives are the perfect cutting tools for making deep, precise cuts to speed up the food prep process. From flexible, slip-resistant knives to stiff, rosewood handles, we have the ideal knives to facilitate bone removal and allow for simpler meat handling.

Boning knives are used to remove bones from various cuts of meat and are an important tool for any cook that wants to offer boneless cuts of meat. The knives have various blade lengths, widths and flexibilities for use on specific meat types. Long or short, the blade on a boning knife will be narrower than most other knives. They also have a little bit of flexibility as well as a very sharp tip and edge. The narrowness and flexibility allow the blade to easily slip between the meat and bone. The sharp points and edges make sure the knife will pierce the meat and easily sever any connective tissue.

Boning knives with short blades are ideal for deboning poultry and other smaller animals. Long, slender and flexible blades can be used on most normal sized cuts of meat like steak and pork chops. If you need to debone a roast, a wider blade is suggested because the blade tends to be more rigid, so it will not bend, break or injure the operator. Look for a blade with a slight curve to easily separate the flesh from bone, the best boning knife for larger animals will have a knife blade at least 5” long. For smaller animals and tricky cuts, choose a smaller blade that will make controlling this kitchen knife much easier.

In this section you will find a wide selection of kitchen knives that are used specifically for removing the bones from a cut of meat. These cooking knives are a great choice for any kitchen that serves meat dishes, and an absolute essential for butchers as well.