Butter Spreaders

Condiment spreaders are usually found on preparation tables and in sandwich shops. They have short blades with rounded tips and are wider at the tip than at the handle. This design is perfect for scooping and spreading condiments with ease. The blades are also flexible to help prevent the bread from tearing. When looking for a condiment spreader for your kitchen knives, the handle material and blade edge are some important considerations. Use this type of knife to prepare sandwiches, spread sauce or butter, slice soft cheeses like chèvre and more, this type of kitchen knife is an absolute essential addition to your professional cutlery.

The handle can be made of either wood or plastic. Plastic handles can be shaped to form a more comfortable grip and are easier to clean than wood. Give your employees a break with a lightweight plastic handled knife, this type is vastly preferable for people that have to spend hours each day spreading condiments and preparing ingredients. Wood-handled spreaders cannot be left soaking in water because the handle will warp or split, but many people prefer the classic, attractive, look of wood.

If you will be using the spreader to slice butter, small fruits or small sandwiches, choose one with a serrated edge. The teeth make it easy to slice through the food, and spreaders with a flat edge are not sharp, making cutting nearly impossible. A sharp spreader knife can be used to slice sandwiches as well as spread mayo, mustard and other condiments on top, use this knife in your deli or sandwich shop and be delighted at their versatility.