Carving Knives

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Carving knives are used to exactly what their name suggests; carve roasts, ham or turkey into thin portions. Look for blades with a rounded tip and granton edge for maximum blade to meat contact and easy slicing. The length of the blade is also an important consideration. A granton edge, also called a duo edge, features several small divots along the cutting edge. These holes work by introducing air into the cut, this helps prevent the portion you cut from sticking to your knife and getting in the way. Professional knives without the duo edge will not produce thin slices as easily. Also, carving knives with round tips tend to be a little thinner than those with pointed tips. This also helps provide uniform meat slices. Thinner slices are possible with kitchen knives that have rounded tips because the meat is exposed to maximum knife surface so it is easy to guide the tip of the knife through a thinner slice than if the tip were sharply pointed.