Commercial Knife Sets

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A professional knife set makes an excellent gift for a chef or is an easy to way acquire everything you need all at once. A good professional chef knife set will include an assortment of kitchen knives and either a carrying case or block in which to store them. When selecting the best knife set for your kitchen, be sure to determine what is included in the set and how it is stored to make sure you get what is needed.

Starter sets and carving sets are the most common type of knife set. The starter sets usually include two or three pieces of the most common, versatile knives, like chef’s knife, paring knife and utility knife. Professional Carving sets usually come with a slicing knife and matching fork. Obviously, larger sets include more knives and often a sharpener and some shears. Whether you need a block or case to store the knives depends on who is using them. Caterers and traveling chefs will want an easily portable case. Those who will be working in one place will need a block.

This section also contains sets of steak knives as well as other professional knife sets. When you need to restock your kitchen cutlery, choose a set of knives with multiple types of knives. We carry paring knife sets, never be without the right size or type of blade again with the addition of a professional knife set to your kitchen knives.