Paring Knives

Paring knives are used to slice, peel and chop small fruits and vegetables. They have short blades with sharp edges to easily pierce the fruit. There are four different blade styles to choose from, each is designed for a specific paring task. Paring knives with a spear point are the most versatile design and are often called the chef’s paring knife. It can be used for pretty much any paring task, like peeling and slicing small produce, removing stems or performing garnishing tasks. If you will be performing a specific paring task, then you should consider a specialized blade shape.

Paring knives with a bird’s beak shape are ideal for peeling round fruits. Those with flat, blunt blade are used to slice and chop small foods, like garlic, and are referred to as sheep’s foot parers. Finally, if you will be only slicing normal sized fruits and vegetables, a serrated edge is ideal because the blade will not dull out as fast and will make short work of products that have a tough rind. We even offer knives that serve a particular purpose in the kitchen, such as the grape fruit knife, this type of chefs knife has a rounded tip and a serrated edge, the blade also has a slight inward curve that is perfect for separating flesh from membrane and scooping out sections of the sour fruit.

For a durable knife that is built to last, select a professional kitchen knife with a high carbon stainless steel knife blade, this type of metal is flexible and durable and it can resist dulling like a stainless steel blade can. Choose plastic or nylon handles for your basic kitchen knives, this type of handle is light weight so the operator is less likely to suffer wrist issues from repetitive use, when preparing ingredients in view of your customers choose wooden handled kitchen knives for their good looks.