Egg Slicers

Perfectly sliced eggs are the key to a delicious egg salad whether in a bowl, on a plate on in a sandwich. Rather than spending extra time manually cutting up slippery eggs, invest in a few egg slicers and watch how quickly and easily the staff will be able to prepare the salad. Most egg slicers are dishwasher safe and can be thrown through a cycle after each egg slicing marathon. One problem that occurs every once in a while is that the yolk or white will cling stubbornly to the wire used to cut the egg and produce a cement-like product coating the wires. There is no need to panic if this occurs, however, as it can typically be removed by rubbing two fingers around the wire. The egg should crack and turn into a powder and come off. If that doesn’t work, wet a sponge and surround the wires for a few seconds, this will loosen the egg and it will wash off immediately.