Commercial Graters

Buying pre-shredded or pre-grated cheese can cost hundreds of extra dollars, and true food connoisseurs know that freshly grated cheese adds extra flavor and presentation to a dish. That is why Burkett offers cheese graters to get the job done.

Cheese is a great garnish on many dishes. Add a little parmesan to any pasta dish or melt some cheese on top of a burrito for extra flavor. To properly serve dishes with cheese that will melt almost on contact requires that the cheese be grated first. Select the proper size grater for your cheese dish. Not all cheese graters are created alike. There are different size holes on graters that are designed for different types of cheese. The large holes on a cheese grater that is a three dimensional rectangle are designed for shredding mass amounts of cheese at once. The large sharp holes direct the cheese into the empty space inside the grater so it can easily be collected and measured into one or two dishes. These graters are ideal for back of the house work and best used with common cheeses such as cheddar, mozzarella or jack. Smaller cheese graters that have a handle on one side are meant to take to the front of the house and used at customer’s tables to provide just a little extra bit of cheese to a dish. The small holes mean that the cheese is grated finely and will easily melt over the dish. The best types of cheese used with these graters are hard cheeses like parmesan or Romano cheeses.