Mandoline Slicers

Slicing and dicing in the commercial kitchen requires a level of uniformity to ensure that all patrons get equal servings and that all pieces fry, bake or steam evenly. A mandoline slicer is one tool in a chef’s arsenal to ensure all slices of vegetables are all uniform. The mandoline slicer can be used to make a variety of cuts. Mandoline slicers can make a variety of cuts, but are typically used to julienne veggies such as carrots or celery. The term julienne refers to a type of cut in which the food is cut into long, thin strips. It is useful when making party trays for creating uniform carrot and celery sticks or when making French fries from scratch. The cuts are nearly identical each time and the result is products that are uniformly cooked.

Many mandoline slices also come with an attachment for creating a crinkle cut so that the result of each cut is a wavy, corrugated look usually associated with potato chips. The crinkle cut attachment can also be used on carrots, cucumbers or any number of other vegetables to add a little flair to their presentation. Regardless of the type of cut, mandoline slicer blades are incredibly sharp and a good deal of caution should be used around them. Many chefs prefer to use a mesh glove for protection against cutting blades to be extra careful.