Potato Mashers

One of the best comfort foods that exist is mashed potatoes. The warm, creamy texture is instantly soothing and it is no wonder they are so popular in many restaurants. It is always noticeable when mashed potatoes are not homemade, so take the extra time to make your mashed potatoes from scratch using a good old fashioned potato masher. To make the perfect mashed potatoes from scratch, the right potato is critical. Most people used Russet potatoes, but there are others who swear by the Yukon Gold variety. Whichever you decide on, make sure they are properly cooked the entire way through to avoid any hard chunks in your mashed potatoes. This can be done easily by quartering the potatoes before you begin boiling them. This allows the heat to permeate to the core more quickly and cooking the entire potato. Once you've got your potatoes cooked the whole way through, remove them from the heat and decide if you are going to make skin on or skin off mashed potatoes. This is really a taste choice and leaving the skin on does no damage to the rest of the recipe. If you decide you want the peel off, search our selection of Vegetable Peelers. Simply start in the corner of a potato and pull, the potato should easily separate from the peel. Add butter, salt and milk to the recipe and get to mashing. The consistency of the potatoes is also a taste call. There are folks who like their mashed potatoes more lumpy and some like them totally pureed.