Sushi Rollers

To create perfectly wrapped sushi, business owners and home owners alike need the correct tools. A sushi mat is a simple, flexible bamboo sheet that looks somewhat like a placemat. Sticky rice, nori, seafood and other ingredients are rolled up in a layered formation inside the mat, and a simple technique is used to tighten the components into a cylinder. These inexpensive items will undoubtedly make your presentation better than ever before. Bamboo construction of the sushi roller is a tradition that comes from more than simply the wide availability of bamboo in Asia. Bamboo also whisks away water and other liquids, allowing you to use your sushi mat time and time again without picking up any scents or discoloration from previous sushi rolls. This inexpensive wood is easy to replace and holds up well against many sushi rolls, so stock up on a few to last for multiple sushi dinners!