Commercial Kitchen Funnels

Transferring liquids from one container to the next can cause spills in and around your food prep area. Funnels make pouring hassle-free, allowing busy staff members to quickly move liquids around without worrying about making a sticky, hazardous mess in the kitchen.

When working with liquids in the kitchen, sometimes it can be very difficult to be accurate when pouring. Funnels work wonders on turning inaccurate pouring into an exact science. They are good for pouring liquids from pots and pans into smaller bottles or jars. Plastic funnels are much more economical and more dishwasher safe than their stainless steel counterpart. Plastic funnels cost much less and are easy to maintain, however they are not as long lasting as stainless steel and will need to be replaced on a somewhat regular basis. Plastic can also hold on to stronger odors much more easily that stainless.